Shenghe technology is a team with ideals and passion, full of the spirit of pursuing innovation and initiative, and striving together to realize the beautiful vision of "committed to becoming a global outstanding power electronic device enterprise".
The core concept of the company is "pursuing quality, continuous innovation, diligence, simplicity and trustworthiness, loyalty and gratitude", which is the cultural atmosphere formed by Shenghe people over the years and refined in the process of continuous development and growth of the company.
Pursuit of quality - we believe that good products are created by employees with excellent quality, and dedication and sense of responsibility are the fundamental qualities we expect employees to have.
Continuous innovation - we Shenghe people have to accept new challenges every day, including business process concept innovation, product development innovation, daily improvement innovation and daily progress.
Diligence, simplicity and trustworthiness - we believe that diligence can make up for weakness, God rewards diligence, and simple interpersonal relationship is our goal. We don't say anything that is not conducive to the development of the company or the progress of others. We pursue simplicity and trustworthiness, which is our honest character. For employees, suppliers and customers, we must do what we say and achieve what we do.
Loyalty and gratitude - for the development of the company, we should thank every employee for their hard work and create more profits for employees to share the profits of the company. At the same time, we should also thank the company for providing a platform to show ourselves and improve our ability. We should also thank everyone who has helped me and the company. We also try our best to help others!
Team consciousness, strong dedication and good learning attitude are the source of the healthy development of the company. Only by integrating into the team can individual intelligence be better developed and achieve greater achievements. The company advocates a healthy and rich life. The value it pursues lies in interesting work, like-minded colleagues, healthy physique, open mind and optimistic spirit, These are values that cannot be replaced by others.
Shenghe expects every employee who cares about the development of the company to find out the shortcomings of the company and think about how to improve it. The human resources department of the company has specially set up a suggestion award to thank him.
As a member of the company team, I sincerely thank you for your work and efforts for the company.


I wish you success in your work and happiness in your life!

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January 1, 2022



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